J Brand - Shimmer For Resort 2012 JBrand-Resort-901I596_SlvrBullet_Front.jpg

Very appropriate – Christmas and New Year for me (and probably for all of us!) are always synonymous with glitter, shimmer and sparkling. But I have pointed out several times already that I believe that shimmer is for nail polish and not for jeans, right!?

No problem here, though! J Brand stays true to its “religion” of discreet elegance. These shimmer jeans are not overly shining or glittering. They have actually a kind of matte
finish, which even I have to admit, is awesome. You can wear these shimmer jeans, being perfectly assured that you are on top of fashion and still wearing a classic pair of jeans. Now, it will all depend on what you pair them with, so you can make your own statement. You can up-dress or down-dress. Really, J Brand, you make me feel like shimmering!

J Brand - Shimmer For Resort 2012 JBrand-Resort-801I530_CtdTexMetBrnz_FR.jpg
J Brand - Shimmer For Resort 2012 JBrand-Resort-801I530_CtdTexMetSil_FR.jpg

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