Joe's Jeans F/W 2012 Women's Lookbooks JoesJeans-F12-W-22.jpg

Joe’s Jeans does not disappoint with its beautiful F/W 12 collection. I have watched this brand for some time now and feel that they are really not resting on their laurels, but striving to achieve better and better jeans for us.

Not only do Joe’s Jeans fit extremely well, but they also stay in place and don’t bunch out or get baggy. I am telling you this from my own experience with them, as they’ve sent me several pairs already and they have become a staple in my closet.

You want to spend your money on something that is more classic, and not too fashionable (like those neon colored), but totally in tune with the fashion “demands”. Meaning, if you buy a pair of jeans from Joe’s, you will dress absolutely fashionably and the next season you will still be very “in”. And thus you have avoided some attention calling color or outrageously prints that you can only wear a couple of times before you become tired of them.

Check out all the available styles on ShopBop! We think all the styles look absurdly chic together as a whole… Like Pokemon, Gotta Have Them All!

Joe's Jeans F/W 2012 Women's Lookbooks JoesJeans-F12-W-28.jpg
Joe's Jeans F/W 2012 Women's Lookbooks JoesJeans-F12-W-19.jpg

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