Lisette Loves: J Brand Alley Cat Jeans L822C073_AlleyCat_FR.jpg

J Brand
‘s “IT girl”, Beth, posted these jeans on Instagram and as soon as I saw it I thought, OMG! Are these ever cool!! You know, I always have my denim antenna up when I see a different-looking, attention-calling and outrageous pair of jeans.

Black skinny jeans with a zipped-on leather cuff that you can remove simply by zipping it off! Now, tell me, isn’t this a brilliant concept. Everybody and her mother do regular horizontal ankle, lower leg and even whole leg zippers. But only J Brand is doing them like this. 🙂

Available at Shopbop.

Lisette Loves: J Brand Alley Cat Jeans L822C073 Alley Cat.jpg