Lucky Brand Spring 2013 Women's Lookbook Lucky-S13-01.jpg

I am delighted to be posting about Lucky Brand’s Spring and Summer 2013 collection. As I have told you before, I was able to preview these just last week. But to tell you the truth, this lookbook does not really do the actual clothes any justice. You gotta see and feel them and try them on. They are really so well done, with so much care and attention to each and every detail. And this is impossible to show in a lookbook. Just look at this picture above. It’s all green, right, but see how the shirt is degradée white to green and the blazer is the same green as the jeans, but in a slightly different hue. Wearing this outfit, you really will come off as a cool chick who knows she dressed well!

Lucky Brand Spring 2013 Women's Lookbook Lucky-S13-04.jpg
Lucky Brand Spring 2013 Women's Lookbook Lucky-S13-07.jpg

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