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Wowser! When I first heard about this new kind of jeans I thought right away – hey, what a great way of parents knowing where their kids are, or the jealous boyfriend, or the suspicious girlfriend…. well, let me tell you, if this really works, I can’t even begin to imagine how our lives could be easier (or not?!)!! Check this out:

“At the height of the web 2.0 era, Replay launches the first Social Denim, a model fitted with a special device allowing simple immediate interaction with social networks so that wearers can enjoy and share their experiences with friends.

All it takes is a quick simple click on the tiny device inserted into the front pocket to instantly communicate, through your preferred social networks, your location, call up your friends for an evening out together or take part in a special Replay Moment, if there is one near you. But above all, this gizmo lets you broadcast your emotions in real time, tracking and sharing your personal “happiness level.”

Do you think you can sneak one of those into your kid’s/boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s pockets????

Replay Social Denim comes in blue and black denims with regular-slim and skinny models for him, super skinny and baby boot, both with push-up effect, for her. There is a vast selection of washes ranging from dark to medium-light colors, with stonewashed and resin coated finishes as particularly interesting options, offering heavy scraping on wear areas to give a faded black for a strong and decisive look. All the models feature a trademark fifth vinyl pocket, designed to hold the special device.

Replay Social Denim will be on sale in the European Replay Stores and key accounts and it will be available also on the Replay Online Shop from December 2012, at a recommended retail price of €149.00 to €189.00, depending on the kind of wash.

Replay Launches "Social Denim" Replay Social Denim_2_WX689T_000_407_125_009_dettaglio01.jpg