Siwy Camilla Loveless Denim Shorts 2012_Kristin-Cavallari-on-the-set-of-The-League-in-Los-Angeles1_fadedyouthblog.jpg

Spotted in a pair of Siwy Jeans Camilla Cut Off Denim Shorts in Loveless, Kristin Cavallari was on the set of The League in Los Angeles.

It’s only been a month since Kristin gave birth to her first child and here we see she’s already back in pre-pregnancy shape! The new mommy spent her afternoon filming scenes for an upcoming episode of the FX sitcom.

Siwy Camilla Loveless Denim Shorts 2012_Kristin-Cavallari-on-the-set-of-The-League-in-Los-Angeles3_fadedyouthblog.jpg

Siwy Camilla Loveless Denim Shorts 2012_Kristin-Cavallari-on-the-set-of-The-League-in-Los-Angeles4_fadedyouthblog.jpg