7 For All Mankind: Metallics Well Done 7fAM-Metallic-01.jpg

Oh, Yes! I absolutely did say that. I believe that shimmer and metallics should be on my finger nails and not on my body….usually….

However, I am always open and flexible to interesting denim. I’ll always point it out, even if I am not in love. This is my job as a denimologist and I take that job very seriously.

As it so happened, I actually had to modify my opinion after having seen these incredible metallic jeans in Bloomingdale’s the other day. The one pair that caught my attention were those METALLIC RIPPED blue jeans shown above – perfect. Not too shiny, rather on the matte side and ripped. Definitely not too “over” or too “shimmer”.

7 For All Mankind: Metallics Well Done 7fAM-Metallic-13-12-Composite.jpg
7 For All Mankind: Metallics Well Done 7fAM-Metallic-17-14-Composite.jpg

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