Closed S/S 2013 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-M-28.jpg

By the looks of this S/S 2013 collection, German brand CLOSED seems to be expecting a somber and dark summer! Oh well, it’s possible. At least, lots of the times when I am in Germany, the weather is cold and rainy and dreary and – well, not summer-y at all πŸ™

This might explain why the jeans are rather on the dark side and styled with layers upon layers. It’s not that I don’t appreciate this kind of look, I actually like it very much, but for summer, CLOSED? I wanna see bathing trunks and shorts!

Style wise, I can see that CLOSED is betting on ankle length jeans, or, at least rolled up jeans. Nothing overlong or hiding the ankles.Maybe like: Hey guys, time to show your ankles!

Closed S/S 2013 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-M-22.jpg
Closed S/S 2013 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-M-15.jpg
Closed S/S 2013 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-M-12.jpg

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