Closed S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-W-09.jpg

Ah…. Munich, Germany, last month at Oktoberfest, grey skies, rain. But to brighten things up a little, I had the opportunity to check out the CLOSED S/S13 collection right there, it was a cool experience, checking out this German brand in Germany! So let me tell you right off, that these wide leg jeans shown above are going to be my summer faves. I will be so done and over with the skinnies that I’ll be wearing all winter long! These wide legs are going to give me a total summer feel, airy and edgy and easy to wear.

Closed S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-W-25.jpg
Closed S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook CLOSED-SS13-W-06.jpg

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