DL1961 S/S 2013 Catwalk Show - Men DL1961-SS13-22.jpg

Railroad jeans are one of my faves for men as well as for women. This slim, straight-cut style seems to be the dominating look for the men’s collection. I like this versatility, as you guys have quite a few options to wear these: either a little bit too long to give them a more edgy feel, or rolled up for a more casual way of being.

DL1961 got this shade of red perfectly right for guys. I really don’t fancy much going out with a guy that wears bright red jeans… he’s gonna outshine me LOL!… kidding really. These are a home run!!

DL1961 S/S 2013 Catwalk Show - Men DL1961-SS13-28.jpg

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