Hudson Jeans Do Photoreal Jeans! hudson-jeans.jpg

Hudson Jeans is making jeans too amazing to ignore and wrote an article to perfect to be rewritten! So here is their blurb about Hudson’s amazing new denim styles soon to be seen on the backsides of the fashion forward.

From Style File:

“Prints are everywhere, so we wanted to find a new technique that would allow us to be more aspirational and forward,” Hudson creative director Ben Taverniti told Enter the label’s new Photoreal range of digitally printed denim that Taverniti and his team like to think of as more of a treatment than a print. The jeans feature vibrant patterns that are actually photos that have been manipulated in Photoshop to look like a wash. There’s a variety of styles, including a magenta and pale blue ombré floral, a tropical forest landscape (taken by Taverniti’s mom), and a busy London-at-night scene, snapped by Taverniti himself. “We always try to have something from the U.K. in the collection,” said Taverniti. “It’s a good way to keep the roots of the company in mind.” As for the future of Photoreal denim, Taverniti is already working on some new variations for Fall. But for now, the Spring collection ($218) will be available at on February 28.