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Introducing: Blue Essence

Introducing: Blue Essence
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Blue Essence is a private, family owned business with over 60 years of experience. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles where they manufacture all their jeans. Blue Essence prides itself on being 100% American.

What called my attention to this brand – which is one of the main selling denim brands at Nordstrom – is that when I tried on their jeans, their comfort was amazing. The jeans are mid rise and the waistband is made in a way that it absolutely hugs my waist, not pinching it or gaping. This is very hard to accomplish because I usually have this problem: either the jeans fit on my thighs and butt OR they fit at the waist. Another big plus for me was the fact that their jeans are made of a heavier weight denim and utmost and most important for me, they did not feel like leggings, but actually like “real” jeans. The composition of 99% cotton and only 1% spandex is a perfect combination.

Blue Essence is definitely a brand to watch out for, check out their cute prints and styles, ranging from superskinny to boyfriend fits.

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