Introducing: Outsider Denim stlye1_jacket_006.jpg

What makes this Canadian brand special for me, a true denim head, is that their jeans are just that: jeans. Rigid, made with 13 oz redline selvage fabric, just like they used to be made, originally, before we started “inventing” all kinds of frills and additions to the original jeans! For now Outsider Denim just carries a few key items, based on the looks of the 50’s and I must say, these pieces look absolutely custom made to me, as if they were made one of a kind.

Here is what the Outsider guys tell us about their idea to create this outstanding brand:

“Outsider Denim was started in 2008 by Colin Cripps and Antonio Teixeira. Colin, a seasoned guitarist, performer and record producer. Antonio, an accomplished amplifier builder and musical equipment designer. Together they share a passion for vintage styled high quality denim.

Relying on Colin’s large vintage collection (with a strong emphasis on Canadian made GWG {Great Western Garments} from the 30’s and 40’s) Colin and Antonio are ambitious in designing and making the absolute best fitting, best looking, downright coolest jeans and jackets in Canada.

With an ever expanding list of notable musicians and vintage denim lovers now wearing Outsider Denim, we are dedicated to expanding our retail presence across Canada and The United States.”

What a rad combination: denim, vintage and music lovers! Can’t wait to check out this brand personally.

Introducing: Outsider Denim style1_jacket_041.jpg
Introducing: Outsider Denim Modern_Cowboy_105.jpg
Introducing: Outsider Denim Modern_Cowboy_076.jpg