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Australian brand Rolla’s just launched now, but, actually, this brand is nothing new – check out about this brand further down. The impression I get from the images is that they believe in skinny and high waisted jeans for chicks and bad boy image jeans for guys. I am hoping to be able to see some of their jeans personally sometime soon so I can have a better idea of what they look like and especially, how they feel and how they wear. I know I am going to like them as they are made of a heavier wight denim and I am so over super stretchy jeans!

About the brand:

– Having previously worked and designed for a renowned global denim brand, designer couple Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan have always loved and worn the iconic Australian 1970’s jeans label Faberge and dreamt of one day relaunching it as their own.

Faberge jeans carried an essence of all things free spirited and cool in their heyday, thus ROLLA’S is a culmination of Andy and Sarah’s wealth of experience in denim design and passion for culture, fashion and lifestyle.

Upon joining forces with the original Faberge founder David Laidlaw, ROLLA’S was born – a brand that draws on iconic moments and places from Andy and Sarah’s youth in Coastal Victoria and is highlighted with key design details from Faberge such as the designers’ all time favorite pocket shape and stitch that was no longer in use.

The jeans are washed and laundered in the same laundry as the original Faberge jeans were, [here] in Australia.

The jeans are a heavier weight, but the various washes do differ. Some have more stretch than others, and you will find that the darker styles are more rigid. –

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