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Leather seems to be the “new denim“; at least, this is how I feel right now.

Everywhere I look, I see leather and double leather looks. It seems that most denim brands have adopted leather jeans or, at least, coated leather look like jeans and I just love this.

Being a denim essential person, leather for me, is just the thing to do when I somehow don’t feel like donning a pair of jeans, or I want to dress up or just want a different look. Prints, brocade and shimmer are just a no no for me.

So, back to leather. It all started this summer, when J Brand sent me their summer leather jeans. Made of an amazing stretch lambskin leather, they were totally wearable during the hot summer months. They stretched out a lot, I had to downsize 2 sizes. But the good thing is that they are machine wash safe and I was able to ‘shrink” them back to their original size. Now, for winter, J Brand adapted the same skinny ankle zipper model in a thicker leather, which they had sent me just this week to try. I am totally loving them.

They do not stretch as much as the summer leather at all, they are thicker and more consistent and hold my stuff together perfectly – by that I mean in a way they work like Spandex for me – tight and trim and nothing flabby here!

As I said before, most denim brands carry leather this season, but I found that J Brand has a real extensive leather collection including many different styles of leather jeans or jeans with leather details. You have the option to go for a pair of jeans with leather appliques like the ones shown below, a very good option if you don’t want to spend big bucks and still look stylish, or you can go for the suede leather jeans. And, also shown below (last thumbnail), are the men’s Tyler leather jeans in a straight slim cut, which could work as a “boy jeans” leather pant for you if you prefer the slouchy look.

J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim L8002C032_KLASH.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim L8110C073_VICIOUS.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim Wine Cognac Wicked Composite.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim Noir Red Composite.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim Abiah Jacket Composite.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim Bliss Candale Composite.jpg
J Brand - Leather Skinny Denim Beta_Coat_Bourbon_0004_v2.jpg

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