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When I think of vintage clothing, I think of Chanel for dresses but, of course, only Levi’s for jeans.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing, or, as they call it, LVC, are authentic reproductions of the jeans that were the originals when they first started to even think about jeans. I believe that at that time, they weren’t even called jeans, but dungarees?!

I tried to pick some original jeans pictures and post them next to the LVC images, so we can see the similarities.

It is the dream of my life to visit the Levi’s archives, located in San Francisco, and to have a look at the amazing original vintage jeans. I think I am going to feel like a kid on his first visit to Disneyland! According to my Levi’s buddies, there is a possibility of this to happen, so cross your fingers for me! 🙂

LVC is available at ASOS, My Wardrobe, and Oki-Ni.

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Levi's Vintage Clothing Levis Vintage-08-21-Composite.jpg

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