Raven S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook Raven-SS13-AARON GLORY.jpg

Los Angeles based brand Raven takes us anywhere from the beach to the office to a night out in town with their S/S 2013 collection. Which is great, because when I love a brand, when a brand is my fave, there is nothing more that I love than being able to buy my clothes for all occasions with this brand.

And, I just imagine, our shorts-addicted editor, Jessie, is going crazy over the variety of shorts Raven will have in stock for this coming summer. To say nothing of all the rad jeans and dresses which, unfortunately I am not able to show here now. But you can always check out Raven’s collection here.

(Lis is right! Gah!!!)

Raven S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook Raven-SS13-BELLA CLASSIC CHAMBRAY.jpg
Raven S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook Raven-SS13-REMY CLOUD.jpg
Raven S/S 2013 Women's Lookbook Raven-SS13-SID METEOR.jpg

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