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I am not so sure I would actually go and buy one of these for myself, but for those of you who love jeans with “gimmicks”, this might just be the right pair! Or if you have a boyfriend/husband/son that are kind of geeky – here’s your perfect Christmas gift for them!

About these jeans:

WTFJeans was born from a need of a few geeks for easy and simple access to their iPhone in their pocket while sitting down. Also, the story continues, that we accidentally discovered an amazing feature for the pocket which cleans the touchscreen of the iPhone while it is in the pocket.

Smartphone Pocket

Pulling your smartphone out of your pocket should not be as difficult as drawing the Excalibur out from the stone. Front pockets on WTFJeans are designed for Easy in – Easy out, even while you are sitting down.

Micro-fiber magic:

Like on the V1, the special micro-fiber pocket interior protects your smartphone as well as cleaning it when you take it out. Did you know that micro-fiber also reduces bacteria by 99%?

iPhone 5 compatible:

We in WTFJeans team are iPhone owners and that is why we have designed the WTFPocket in the dimensions of 4.87″ x 2.31″ x 0.30″. So, if you have an iPhone 5, WTFJeans are made just for you. 😉

Hidden USB stick pocket:

Even though everyone is using Dropbox today, the old-fashioned people/hipsters among us have asked us to keep this feature.

I am curious: what do you think about these features? Will they really be decisive in your choice of jeans?

The jeans are made of high quality, 10.5 oz, 100% cotton Denim from Italy and retail for $159.

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