GAP Holiday 2012/13 Women's Lookbook GAP-Holiday-12-W-01.jpg

Santa GAP has been good to me LOL! He delivered these beautiful black jeans (above) at my doorstep and he even knew my right size and that I LOOOVE black! The special thing about these blacks is, that even though they are printed with polka dots, they are not really PRINTED jeans, but black jeans with a “difference” – absolutely ME! They do also come in navy and other colors, not shown here but you can find them in a GAP store now.

The variety of styles and prints is incredible, tuxedo stripe jeans, camourflage and colors, and a lot of whites. Not talking about the blue jeans which GAP has in literally all imaginable styles and fits ranging from jeggings to boyfriend jeans. And all this for an average price of $69. So what are you waiting for…..if there is no GAP store close to you, you can find all their jeans online!

GAP Holiday 2012/13 Women's Lookbook GAP-Holiday-12-W-08.jpg
GAP Holiday 2012/13 Women's Lookbook GAP-Holiday-12-W-02.jpg
GAP Holiday 2012/13 Women's Lookbook GAP-Holiday-12-W-22.jpg

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