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R13 Spring 2013 Lookbook

R13 Spring 2013 Lookbook
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R13 jeans are made of luxe Japanese denim using Turquish dye-ins and produced in a highly specialized factory in Italy. This denim is truly amazing:first, the jeans are not too heavy weight and treated in a way that even though it does have some stretch (98% cotton 2% Stretch), they are not stretchy jeans but feel like pure cotton jeans. And second, R13 also always comes up with amazing styles and gimmicks, like those cross over jeans shown below. For me, this is denim creativity. Pure. And no, not simple, but absolutely elaborate and full of details that make the jeans stand out in this demanding market. There is not one single pair of boring skinny blue jeans here, and there has not been any in their collection since I can remember the brand.

This is the best example to show that there is a way to be creative and different without having to resort to prints, brocades, and embroideries. The difference is right there in the cut, style and fit.

And the high price range in this case is – in my opinion – totally justified. You have to pay for creativity, it does not come cheap.

Bravissimo R13!

Available at SSense and ShopBop!

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