True Religion Holiday 12 Men's Lookbook TR-Holiday-12-M-19.jpg

I have noted that for the guysTrue Religion has kind of calmed down? backed off?
What I mean is that the formerly so ripped and destroyed and kind of baggier jeans now became more “well behaved”! I don’t see any over-bleached or destroyed jeans in this collection. Maybe they have grown up and are aiming for an older and more sophisticated kind of buyer?

The collection shows a variety of moderately sand-washed jeans, in a cleaner look and less detailed than we used to associate with TR jeans. The embroidered jacket shown below is beautiful and I also love the purple jeans shown above. Definitely a more mature collection, True Religion!

True Religion Holiday 12 Men's Lookbook TR-Holiday-12-M-09.jpg
True Religion Holiday 12 Men's Lookbook TR-Holiday-12-M-17.jpg

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