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I have said it before and I am saying it again, there is just no limit to imagination, especially denim imagination! There is this British guy, Ian Berry, whose stage name is Denimu, and he lost his job as an art director. So he has the idea of collecting old and discarded denim pieces and literally transforms them into pieces of art which sell for thousands of dollars.

About his work:

Ian Berry conjures remarkably detailed portraits and urban landscapes using nothing more than discarded jeans. Over many weeks he cuts, stitches and glues using only the varying shades of the fabric to provide contrast and shadow. The effect is extraordinary.

Among his collection are pictures of the London Underground, Piccadilly Circus, Hampstead Heath and Camden Town.Mr Berry was first inspired to take up his denim art when he found some old jeans while clearing his old room after returning home from university in 2006.To produce the works of art, Mr Berry cuts pieces of denim into precise shapes before painstakingly gluing them all together.Although he mainly uses old jeans he also likes to dabble with old denim jackets and dresses.

To achieve different looks, he sometimes uses bleach, either with a stencil and spray, and experiments with different color jeans.

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