Donwan Harrell - Mr. PRPS, The Artist PRPS-Donwan-PC200501.jpg

I have known Donwan Harrell, founder and creator of the famous PRPS brand, for a few years now. Every once in a while we get together and have our denim talks. I have known Don, the creator of jeans, Don the collector of vintage Levi’s and Wranglers, and Don the passionate about cars and garages.

So actually, it was no surprise for me when I got to know yet another side of this multifaceted supertalented Don – the artist. I feel especially flattered that he chose me to be the first person ever to show and talk to about his designs.

It is not that he does his designs on raw denim with an antique quilt pen only (last image below), but he also designs stories on army jackets that he collects from Vietnam veterans.

The designs on the jackets are based on the story each of the veterans tells Donwan. Isn’t it amazing how he does that – can you imagine the hours he spends with each of these awesome guys to listen to their (horror) stories and then re-create their anxieties, their traumas and their fears and transform them into beautiful and absolutely mind blowing designs? Designs that make you re-think the whole story about war and what a waste all of this is…..but let’s not dwell too much on this depressing subject.

There are only a few of each item, as Don only works on them from his home on weekends, but I am hoping he will have the occasion to do many more.

We, at Denimology, are truly impressed with Donwan, the guy behind PRPS as well as with Donwan the “Mystery Man” full of surprises! 🙂

Donwan Harrell - Mr. PRPS, The Artist PRPS-Donwan-PC200499.jpg
Donwan Harrell - Mr. PRPS, The Artist PRPS-Donwan-P1040006.jpg
Donwan Harrell - Mr. PRPS, The Artist PRPS-Donwan-P1040001.jpg


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