A slow motion catwalk movie – that’s how I would describe this video. Quite different from what we are used to see in this kind of flick. I kinda started to like it after seeing it a couple of times, as you can really see how the jeans fit. Being that this movie was all done in slow motion, it gives you enough time to check out the jeans unlike the usual videos where you can only get a quick glimpse of the clothes.

About this video:

– ” Sophisticated and unconventional, for its new Spring/Summer 2013 ADV campaign and short movies, Fornarina selected the architectural design of Californian desert modernism.

The linear roofs, the broad glass walls surrounded by rocks, palm trees and the desert, Palm Springs are the perfect location for the suggestive landscape shots.

The campaign, filmed by photographers Francesco Musati and Valentina Aimone, showcase the feminine appeal of the collection with a 60’s-inspired bon ton styling.

The design of the Spring Summer 2013 FORNARINA PERFECT SHAPE ADV campaign is definitely minimal.” –