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When I first heard this name, “Eugene is my middle name”, I had no idea it was a denim brand, but I thought the name was quite intriguing and checked it out and, voilà, it IS a denim brand!!

I always love to write about new brands and then keep an eye on them to see how they evolve. The mega brands and well known brands that have been dominating the denim market for a long time kind of fall into a “sameness”. I am not saying that this is good or bad, just pointing out that I always LOVE fresh and new ideas and especially when it comes to creating a new brand and making it go – and then, well, becoming a mega brand!

Recently founded, Eugene Is My Middle Name is a Los Angeles based premium denim line featuring an assortment of the finest denim, knits and weaves in original washes, playful colors and ombre styles. Founded by award-winning eccentric creatives who bring their imaginations to every collection, the brand sees fashion as the most intimate of creative expression, taking an artistic approach to life and clothing. The brand donates a percentage of profits towards charities aimed at empowering lives globally.

Prices for the collection range from $148 – $226 and it is available online as well as at the Scoop stores coming this spring.

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