This is about a small New York company that I feel is definitely worth mentioning here @Denimology. By now most of you, our regular readers, have probably noted that we so totally support Made in the US! So check out this Williamsburg Garment Company and especially, rejoice about their price range, Not only are you getting Made in the US, but you are getting pure and fabulous selvedge denim for basically $120. AND they also do women’s selvedge.

I’ll follow up with images shortly, so keep tuned.

About this company:

– “The goal at the Williamsburg Garment Company is to make the very best high quality designer garments available to the consumer at a thrifty price. To do this, we sell our garments to the Trade at a fraction of the Industry standard mark-up, with the intention that the retailer will pass the savings on to the consumer. CASH ONLY trade means, our selling to The Trade is so ridiculously low, that we use a Cash and Carry Business Model in order to survive financial charges, unpaid invoices, returns and other common costly expenses that usually drive up the prices.

Year -1, we are a one-man operation doing small time business AND growing!” –


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