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Yeah, again, the Oz – amazing lookbook and amazing jeans! And, as always with this brand, they are taking their inspirations from some religious themes, so this collection is called AD/BC.

You can see those marvelous oversized boyfriend jeans below that I had shown you here before, in a different wash.They are called Sef Service jeans and are a staple in each season. My biggest frustration is that when Ksubi sent me a pair, they didn’t fit, they were huge even though I had downsized 2 sizes – maybe this time I get lucky LOL!! So please, sistas, do try on a pair of those amazing outstanding jeans and you will so rock!

About this collection:

“Religion, infatuation and a poisonous fate are at the helm of ksubi’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Elements of royalty, heroism and the streets take a luxurious turn in ‘AD/BC’. The work of photographer Achim Bednorz is used in custom digital prints creating a portal into rooms of worship from the baroque era. The ornate landscapes translate into a wealth of decorative gold and royal purple.
Raw faith burns in a crown of flames. Stamped velvet and rich embroidery cover sophisticated silhouettes, while leather is detailed with gold zips and studding. Streetwear shapes are re-interpreted with an assured maturity.
Denim fashion is authentic in wash and weight. As the lifeblood of the brand, again we can see it translated into ready to wear. Relaxed styles are sacrificed with dark undertones and alter iconography.
Central to the collection is a radiating crucifix, taking the form of a traditional ksubi cross -officially celebrating an undeniable, striking rebirth of +ksubi.”

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