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There is just no limit to creativity, and more so, denim-creativity. Pakistan mega entrepreneur brand Soorty has come up with two amazing concepts for next year’s S/S 2014 collection: one is a denim wash based on famous artists like Picasso and the likes, and the other is a kind of material that apparently comes to life when you wear it… well, honestly, I did not quite get this one, but here is what Mansoor Bilal, manager of Soorty, explains:

– “Denim Art is a Tencel fabric with over dyeing treatment, which, along with colored pin stripes, we also carry in regular as well as in fluorescent colors. This is made of premium denim.

If Van Gogh or Picasso would choose to wear denim , we are pretty sure it would be Soorty’s “Denim Art” collection. This collection is a tribute to these great artists.The fabrics are inspired from their color palettes and softness is just like their paint brush”. –

So far, so good, as I said, there is just no limit to creativity and, well, imagination!!

Now, about the “ALIVE” :

– “Alive denim is something very different and innovative, This kind of denim has a capability to change the color according to the body temperature, due to the special finish on the fabric. That’s why we called it ALIVE!. It is a very expensive premium denim line.

Details : 98% Cotton, 2% Stretch – Weight : 8.5 Oz” –

OMG, I am thinking that with this color changing, people should be able to tell if I am hot, cold, happy, sweaty or tired?!???

Soorty, make sure to send us some samples so we can tell our readers more about these innovations šŸ™‚

Soorty Denim - "Alive" And "Denim Art" DAVINCI.JPG
{Da Vinci}
Soorty Denim - "Alive" And "Denim Art" PICASSO.JPG
Soorty Denim - "Alive" And "Denim Art" SALVADOR DALI.JPG
{Salvador Dali}
Soorty Denim - "Alive" And "Denim Art" VANGOGH.JPG
{Van Gogh}
Soorty Denim - "Alive" And "Denim Art" ALIVE.jpg


  1. This is arty!.. Truly an amazing next level for Denimwear…and a gift for Denim Lovers. !

  2. This is arty!.. Truly an amazing next level for Denimwear…and a gift for Denim Lovers. !

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