Unbranded: 21-Ounce Jeans UB121_FULL.jpg

For those jean (fan)atics who like it heavy – good news! Unbranded, the no name no frills brand that I wrote about last year, is doing an extremely heavy weight denim – 21 ounces to be exact. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to wear a pair of those, so I asked the peeps at Unbranded and here’s the answer:

“You can walk in these just fine! They may be a little uncomfortable at first but they break in beautifully and become more and more comfortable the longer they are worn.

We have one nerdy customer that has been wearing his 21 Ounce Japanese rope dyed indigo selvedge jeans every day for 10 months. And, please let me assure you that he is walking around and fully mobile!” –

These jeans come in Straight, Tapered and Skinny and their production has been very limited. They are currently available at BlueOwl for a very reasonable $98.

Unbranded: 21-Ounce Jeans UB121_FRONTBUTTONS.jpg
Unbranded: 21-Ounce Jeans UB121_FOLDED.jpg
Unbranded: 21-Ounce Jeans UB121_BACKPOCKETS.jpg


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