Agave S/S 2013 Lookbook Agave-Sp13-M-18.jpg

Having always been a big personal fan of AGAVE, this S/S 2013 lookbook confirms my good taste! There are beautiful colored jeans for the dudes as well as the raw denim for which the Agave men’s has become known for. Lots of very summer-like cropped and skinnies for the chicks there, and I love the simplicity of those white jeans shown below, and for those of you who love colors, check out the eye catching orange jeans that should really draw all the attention to you when you wear them!

The only thing I did not like in this lookbook is they way their stylist put the outfits together and the rather shaggy looks of both the male and female models. These don’t do the beautifully-executed and made-with-love-in-the-US jeans any justice 🙁

Agave S/S 2013 Lookbook Agave-Sp13-W-08.jpg
Agave S/S 2013 Lookbook Agave-Sp13-M-02.jpg

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