G-STAR's New Fit: 3301 Contour  26_WMN_Raw_jkt_92005A_3147_001_-_3301_Contour_skinny_60654_3951_001.jpg

When G-Star first sent me this image I said, no way, this must be a mistake, this so doesn’t look like the G-Star I know LOL! But the joke was on me, the mistake was mine! These jeans are actually their newest fit, called the Contour fit and rejoice curvies! These were made for you and your beautiful hourglass shape body YAY!

The jeans are available at G-Star’s online shop.

“3301 is G-Star’s cleanest denim style and the perfect kick-off for a smart, versatile look. The tailored 3301 Contour skinny is designed to fit the female hourglass shape perfectly. It is G-Star’s unique 3D denim tailoring to benefit women with a slender waist and round hips.

“The 3301 Contour skinny range re-imagines the traditional 5- pocket style, offering a high quality base for any type of look, from a street-style attitude to city chic. The back rise of the contour is longer, making sure it fits a rounder hip perfectly. Thanks to the 3D tailored waistband, this jean envelops the female shape, leaving no gap in the back while moving or sitting.”

G-STAR's New Fit: 3301 Contour  3301 contour skinny wmn - 60654.4661.089.jpg