Levi's Non-Denim 501 Collection Picture2.jpg

Levi’s 501s, the most iconic jeans in history, have been given an update for their 140th anniversary. And this isn’t any old update, Levi’s have decided that we all probably have plenty of denim 501s in our wardrobes, so how about releasing a mini-collection featuring four non-denim styles of 501. It’s a pretty brave move, but as you can see from the photos here, these non-denim jeans (which come in ivy green, true chino, chalk blue and mineral red) are still in keeping with Levi’s great heritage whilst providing a more contemporary twist on this classic. If you have a great pair of 501s (and who doesn’t) then why not pop along to www.levis501.com where you can upload a photo and join the showcase of iconic denim that is on display.

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Levi's Non-Denim 501 Collection Picture4.jpg
Levi's Non-Denim 501 Collection Picture1.jpg


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