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Levi’s ® Waste<Less™

No kiddin’ – I never thought that one day I would actually be able to WEAR my diet coke bottles YAY! But it is reality now, and who else, but Levi’s® to come up with this brilliant concept!

“Who knew garbage could look so good? The original jeans brand did and here’s a sneak peek into how:

The Levi’s® brand is marking its latest sustainable design milestone with the launch of the Levi’s® WasteLevi's ® Waste<Less™ Levis Wasteless-01.jpg

Levi's ® Waste<Less™ Levis Wasteless-04.jpg
Levi's ® Waste<Less™ Levis Wasteless-02.jpg
Levi's ® Waste<Less™ Levis Wasteless-05.jpg
Levi's ® Waste<Less™ Levis Wasteless-16.jpg

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