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Yeah, just when you thought that oh, I think Girbaud doesn’t exist anymore, they literally jump out and do a come-back. And WHAT a come-back. Looking at these denim pieces, I feel denim-couture. There is nothing simple or understated in this capsule collection and I am loving it! It is just what I was looking for when I feel like wearing something eye catching, something for a special occasion like maybe Valentine’s day – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL OF OUR READERS!

Relaunching this season, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection takes inspiration from the lands of Amerasia where East meets West, has signature pieces with eye-popping statement details and reintroduces Marithe+Francois Girbaud’s authentic NoWater NoChemical denim range alongside its designer line. Integrating Sanskrit with Feng Shui energy Le Jean De line is a collection of distinct, cool denim pieces rife with trans-seasonal appeal which sees the mutation of the ‘Shuttle’ jean silhouette transformed into a Para-Shuttle jacket with bolder propositions seeing fly fetish fastenings on skirts and dresses. Each piece has been carefully crafted to radiate a water-worn and sun-softened texture using the revolutionary water free WATTwash and Ozone treatments.

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