Ziggy F/W 2013 Lookbook Ziggy-A13--01.jpg

I love the Ziggy lookbooks! Always fun. And always – BACK TO THE FUTURE?

Let them explain:

“The label’s latest collection, inspired by ‘Back to the Future’, features time-honoured
indigo washes snatched from 2015.

Ziggy’s latest range is more electrifying than a 1.21 gigawatt lightning bolt. Featuring
a-[w]hole lotta’ blue denim, the label goes back to basics with a stack of new shades
including ‘Blue Poison’, ‘Indigo Illusion’ and ‘Chewed Out’. Inspired by all-night benders, stand out prints, ‘Bloodshot Eyeball’ and ‘Broken Glass’ will have you desperately trying to remember the night before.

For the McFly boys out there, the new fit ‘Strictly Business Pant’ will give you the courage to stand up to Biff and make sure nobody calls you “chicken” again.

Ziggy Denim is kickin’ it hoverboard style with jeans and shorts retailing for under
90 light-years.

If Ziggy’s calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Suddenly, the future’s looking a *whole* lot better with Ziggy: no bullshit, down to earth, good quality, affordable denim you’ll want to wear to death.”

Translating by yours truly: they went to the future and brought the future jeans to the present. Cool. Exciting YAY! I see lots of superskinny and highwaisted and fun prints, so let’s be ahead of time and wear these ASAP – meaning this coming Fall!

Ziggy F/W 2013 Lookbook Ziggy-A13--02.jpg
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Ziggy F/W 2013 Lookbook Ziggy-A13--04.jpg
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