OMG – so exciting, 7fAM teamed up with James Franco to create their Spring 2013 ad campaign and let me tell you: this is not a mere ad campaign to watch. This is more like a movie and we are all invited to participate – see below.

For 7 For All Mankind’s Spring ’13 campaign, we are allowing viewers to vote on aspects of the film’s storyline that will ultimately decide how the story will end. Starting today we will release the first of 3 Chapter videos, which are short glimpses of various scenarios of how the film could end.The main theme is all about LOVE & CONNECTIVITY, as the untold desires of 2 lovers come to light amidst a White Wedding. What makes this campaign particularly special is that we are giving consumers a direct opportunity to engage with the brand and take part in influencing the custom-curated content brought to you by James Franco . Behaviors might turn naughty. Tender moments could become sexy escapades. Temptations, Secrets, Jealousy, Ex-Lovers are a few of the possible themes that may emerge.

In the first Chapter video, audiences will vote on the question: What Force Will They Have to Overcome? Her dark, secret love (played by former NHL Ranger, Sean Avery). Wedding Day Fears. Or the poisonous jealousy of her groom-to-be (played by former As The World Turns actor, Peter Vack). Viewers can vote through this tab on our facebook.

Ultimately, at the end of April, there will be 2 versions of the film: The director’s cut as imagined by James Franco and an Audience Cut based on audience polling.