ALLSAINTS S/S 2013 Lookbook  AllSaints--13-M-01.jpg

British lifestyle brand ALLSAINTS only does certain basic colors. Black, grey, white and beige, and every once in a while a print. This S/S 2013 collection is no exception. I, personally, could live within this limited color range for the rest of my life and if I should get “thirsty” for a dash of color, I would just look somewhere else. I love the way that ALLSAINTS keeps its denim basic without too much stretch and frills and additions to the classic pair of jeans. They offer you different styles, according to fashion, like those high waisted grey jeans for chicks shown below, or some drop crotch for the guys, as well as some patchwork and always some kind of destroyed or destructed denim.

ALLSAINTS S/S 2013 Lookbook  AllSaints--13-W-27.jpg
ALLSAINTS S/S 2013 Lookbook  AllSaints--13-M-13.jpg
ALLSAINTS S/S 2013 Lookbook  AllSaints--13-W-31.jpg

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