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Diesel: Meet The SKINZEE

Diesel: Meet The SKINZEE
Diesel: Meet The SKINZEE Diesel-SKINZEE 815X-01.jpg

The other day I was invited by Diesel to go to one of their stores to try on their newest denim creation: the Skinzee. Well, as you all know by now, I am not too much of a fan of particulary stretchy and spandex jeans, so I was like, okaaaay, I am gonna try these on just to please my buds at Diesel. I tried them on, and even if I am not converted into a spandex fan, I do have to admit that, as far as comfortable skinnies go, these are absolutely top notch. The higher waistline – very UNlike any Diesel – works absolutely great. The jeans fit well at the hips AND the waist, which is a big deal. Extremely comfortable, and if you are into sexy stretch jeans, these will fill the bill perfectly.

Diesel: Meet The SKINZEE Diesel-SKNIZEE 815X-02.jpg