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What could be better than Diesel to make an awesome collaboration based on raw denim: A Diesel x Edun collaboration!

As you probably all have figured out by now, I am a staunch supporter and lover of raw denim, not that I don’t love super treated and ripped and destroyed denim as well, but this is my “fashion” self. My “serious” self is totally dedicated to unadulterated denim. And here goes one of my most fave brands and hands it to me, Diesel Style LOL!

“Spring 2013 will see the launch of a collaboration that goes beyond fashion: Diesel and EDUN will collaborate on a denim collection entirely manufactured in Africa and made from the finest CCI cotton from Uganda.

The results are a denim based collection for men & women, consisting of 31 pieces, co-designed by Diesel+EDUN. The collection is entirely manufactured in Africa and made with the finest cotton from the Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda (CCIU). The collection brings to life both brands’ commitment to Africa.

Using raw, untreated denim, the collection is built around a reinterpretation of the four-pocket jean of the 70s popular on the streets of South Africa. References to Malian textile prints are echoed in the denim lining and across the jersey pieces in the collection. Embroidery details reference traditional Zulu weaving patterns, while the dresses feature Kenyan metalwork. Running through the whole collection are four unique symbols inspired by Dogon culture and designed to reflect the heart of the Diesel+EDUN collection.”

You can find this collection in the Diesel stores and online.

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