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Introducing: 15/FIFTEEN

Introducing: 15/FIFTEEN
Introducing: 15/FIFTEEN 15-Fifteen-S13-14.jpg

15/FIFTEEN is a “brand” new Californinan brand which will launch its first collection for this coming fall in July. Located in LA, 15/FIFTEEN is a premium denim brand for young edgy women whose mission is to make the world of premium denim accessible to trendsetters across the globe.

15/FIFTEEN was inspired by the country’s two major fashion centers – its hometown, Los Angeles, and New York City. The creators of the youthful denim line noticed that fashion forward styles seen on the streets of these sister cities were rarely made available to a younger audience. The company decided to bridge the gap by offering on-trend denim for the junior market at a reasonable price.

The debut fall collection consists of denim jeans, vests and jackets in a variety of styles and washes. This season’s signature fits are named after various streets in LA & NYC, which should be fun – like you can wear a pair of Bowery jeans, or, if you’re more the LA inclined chick, maybe the Wilshire jeans!

The 15/FIFTEEN Fall Collection hits select department and denim specialty stores in July, 2013. Sizes range from 24 to 32 and they retail for $54 to $89.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to buy some very trendy jeans, like the burgundy coated or the black super-flares for an affordable price, as this gives me a chance to get a few different pairs of jeans that I can always wear according to my mood – am I in an LA or in a NYC mood today?!?!

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