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Lisette Loves: James Jeans

Lisette Loves: James Jeans
Lisette Loves: James Jeans JAmes-TwiggyThighHigh_Havana_1.jpg

I fell in lust with James Jeans when I discovered their padded backpocket, which was such an amazing fit for me, it made me almost kind of crooked from always trying to admire my butt in any mirror I happen to walk by lol! So then I got to write for Denimology and had a chance to get to know the brand real well. Beloved by many celebs like Nicki Hilton, Olivia Wilde, Rihanna and Minka Kelly, just to mention a few, James has become one of THE big brands known all over for their amazing and absolutely best fitting jeans. And since last year, when studded jeans became the real MUST-HAVE-BY-ALL-MEANS, James has created the most outstanding studded styles. I have just recently declared them “The Master Of The Studded Jeans”. James was one of the first brand to bring back the motorcycle jeans with the detailed stitching on the knee and – here’s the deal – the inside ankle zipper, just as the jeans should be. Most brands do their motorcycle jeans with the zipper on the outside of the leg, which is cool, but not the real Mc Coy.

So when I was finally successful in convincing James to do a contest here on Denimology, I did a Harlem Shake of Delight and trust me, once you win your pair, you are going to rave about the jeans the same way I do!!

Lisette Loves: James Jeans JAmes-TwiggyThighHigh_Havana_2.jpg

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