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3×1 By Color Block

3×1 By Color Block
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I was at Barney’s the other day checking out what’s new in the denim department for spring and these 3×1 jeans made my nose start to tingle – a sign that I am seeing something really HOT and DIFFERENT! And I so trust my nose LOL!

Well, anyway, what I like about these jeans is that they have a very special “color blocking”. The stripes of the different color are strategically placed where you want to hide some of your obvious “defects” – sorry, ladies, but if you are not Alessandra Ambrosio or even Madonna, you sure do have some little tiny bits of flabby skin or the likes to hide – go and tell me that I am wrong! 😉

3×1 is founder Scott Morrison’s third jean line, following Paper Denim & Cloth (1999) and Earnest Sewn (2004), so there is certainly no lack of experience there, right!

And if you go to Scott’s store in Soho, on 15 Mercer Street, you can even have these jeans custom made just for you. Something I am definitely going to try out one of these days and I promise to tell how they came out!

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