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When we think of Diesel, we don’t really think of comfort, actually we couldn’t care less about comfort when faced with Diesel’s amazing jeans. They are almost always super super indecently (LOL) low waisted and we love it, even if we have to hold on to our jeans with both hands for dear life, while climbing some steps or when getting up from a chair!!

Not anymore! As we have told you before here already, Diesel has just come out with a higher waist style, the SKINZEE. And don’t we just love it – now we can have our cake AND eat it, I mean, now we can wear our Diesel’s AND stay decent!!

“Diesel’s SS13 women’s wear collection adds a new twist to the classic armor of the 21st century woman, adding sensuality and femininity without undermining her innate confidence. “Fit your attitude” is the core theme of the denim collection as SS13 captures the many attitudes of Diesel woman through iconic styles featuring the brand’s distinctive treatments for the summer time. Great news is the introduction of a new style: the Skinzee. Taking the best from both the comfort world of jeggings and the stylish look of real 5-pocket denim, Skinzee’s stretchy fabric adapts perfectly to the body and springs back to its original shape after use.”

Available now at all KEY Diesel WHOLSALERS as well as in the Diesel stores all over the world.

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