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LA brand Fidelity Denim has been catching my attention for some time now. Their denim was always kind of cool and it has become even cooler now as they aim to bring back the true meaning of premium jeans:

“Through years of overuse, the descriptor “premium” has lost much of its meaning, except of course, the “expensive” part. Los Angeles-based Fidelity is faithfully restoring the quality quotient to the term, one pair of jeans at a time. This glimpse “behind the seams” reveals just a few of the small differences that make “premium” an [appellation] befitting of the brand.

“From Italy with love…and lots of it: The Fidelity team purchases complete dye lots of denim (that’s about 100,000 yards) from la bella Italia in order to own what they consider the crema della crema. But this elite and proprietary fabric doesn’t truly become Fidelity material until (once home in Los Angeles) it has passed quality testing for consistent color and stretch.”

I know you guys prefer usually just to look at the images here, but please, for once, take your time to read about the interesting details that make the Fidelity jeans really unique. And, you know what, after reading this, I definitely feel like rushing out and getting a pair for myself, so read on:

Just breathe: What needs to breathe longer than a bottle of vintage Bordeaux? Fidelity denim. The fabric is laid out overnight to breathe and find its natural shape before it is ever touched by scissors.

Of coffee sleeves and contoured waistbands: What does that corrugated sleeve that cradles your morning cup of Starbucks have in common with the waistband of your Fidelity jeans? They’re both carefully engineered to adhere perfectly to certain curves and heights. At Fidelity, a proprietary fusing system helps the waistband and the jeans function as one, with no gaping or tugging as the day goes by.

What a difference 5/8 of an inch makes: Not many brands are subject to the kind of ruler check Fidelity insists on. All fly zippers are sewn 5/8 of an inch from the front edge with a small bit of cross over at the top. This allows a woman to zip the jean all the way up and not have a gap where the material doesn’t cover the zipper
{note:I have this problem a lot and it ruins the whole look when this happens, well done, Fidelity!}

One bad back seam can ruin a whole look: And that’s why Fidelity employs a skilled artisan to handle this crucial step in the construction of each pair of pants. The fit of the entire garment depends on an arrow-straight back seam. The slightest curve can cause a crooked look and give the pant an unwanted subtle twist. This way all the other seams get thrown off, and the structure of the garment is compromised.
{note: OMG I could write a whole book about my struggle with crooked seams!}

Now, this said, don’t you agree that for an average price of $160, it isn’t absolutely worth a try?! Our lucky product reviewer, Jen, has gotten herself a pair of these and I can’t wait to see her verdict here, so check back and find out what Jen has to say about the fit, feel and style of her very own Fidelity’s!

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