Introducing: de Chemin Jeans de CHEMIN jeans COVER.jpg

de Chemin Jeans is launching this spring with a beautiful collection, very reminiscent of the 70’s. Lots of button details and quite a few high waisted styles – albeit remodernized: instead of those baggy 70’s jeans, the silhouette of these is much more fitting and absolutely sexy. And, of course, best of all, these jeans are made right here, in the USA.

About this brand:

Noticing a void in an oversaturated market of five-pocket jeans, the label offers an array of modern styles that are unique and identifiable. Iconic retro styling details of brass buttons are premium denim. Each pair is constructed employing more than twelve pattern pieces of engineered stretch fabrication with strategically placed reverse yokes on the backside. The waistband is sculpted to frame your shape, and the detailing on the hips is inspired by aerodynamic design to lengthen the legs. Clean lines are structured to contour and enhance the fit on the body. –

I love to think that there is finally a pair of jeans out there that should with me perfectly on my hips AND waist AND tights AND make my legs look longer YAY!!

Introducing: de Chemin Jeans de CHEMIN jeans 0567.jpg
Introducing: de Chemin Jeans de CHEMIN jeans 0587.jpg

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