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I strongly believe that when it comes to real vintage denim, Levi’s® LVC’s are the best and most authentic ones on the market. Sure, you can find “vintage jeans” in any thrift store or flea market. But there is a big difference between real vintage and “fake” vintage. I don’t want a pair of vintage jeans which are just a plain brand new pair of jeans made look old. Or even the kind that has been worn by someone for a few years and then sold off as being “vintage”.

Just recently, I received an amazing and awesome pair of LVC’s from my Levi’s buds, and you cannot, no way, compare the feel and the cut of the authentic vintage to any made to look like vintage jeans. It is hard to explain, but once you try on one of the LVC’s, you will absolutely understand the aura, the atmosphere and the incredible “realness” of these jeans! They are neither skinny tight fitting (as they do not have any kind of stretch in them), nor are they styled in any top trend fashionable way. They are just like they have been worn for hundreds of years without any “adulterations”.

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing reproduces each of the most historically significant 501s® from the past 123 years exactly as they were when they were first introduced. Details–including the fabric, fit and packaging are true to the original. The denims are recreated on the original shuttle looms. The patterns for each jean is accurate to the last inch. The garment itself is meticulously sewn true to era. And finally, once the jean itself is reconstructed, the exact packaging, including any hangtags or pocket flashers, is reprinted and affixed.

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