Lisette Loves: Frankie B. Prints FrankieB-4-5-13-01.jpg

I always love to see what is new and outstanding in printed jeans. Even though I am not wearing prints all that much, I consider myself first and foremost a very objective denim critic. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if I wear or if I don’t. Prints are here to stay. And I just absolutely love checking them out.

Frankie B., by Daniella Clarke, really got me when I saw her collection at Coterie a few weeks ago. I mean, literally ALL of her prints were amazing, and I chose a couple for you here to check out.

The print shown above and below, The Galaxy, is like: “Rule the cosmos” in these awesome low-rise skinnies featuring a galaxy print in shades of black, purple and pink. Classic 5-pocket style, button/zip closure. Stretch fabric. They fit like a second skin.

The Forrest: “Let’s pick up some berries in the shades of the Forrest”. these are also a classic 5-pocket style and made of the softest stretch fabric.

The Star Jeans: “Let’s dream under the stars”. These are less stretchy and none the less less comfy 5 pocket style. Personally, I prefer these exactly because they are not like leggings, but more like real jeans!

Lisette Loves: Frankie B. Prints FrankieB-505D21147AA.GALAXY.jpg
Lisette Loves: Frankie B. Prints FrankieB-503D21147AA.FOREST.jpg
Lisette Loves: Frankie B. Prints FrankieB-486D21171.jpg