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We introduced you to Canadian brand Triarchy exactly one year ago. Once again I am delighted to be able to accompany the evolution of a brand and to show their jeans to our readers all over the world.

This time the brothers/sister team has come up with an amazing way of giving us real selvedge jeans BUT with stretch. How much better can this get LOL!! You will be able to have your cake AND eat it too, I mean, you will be able to get your selvedge jeans AND wear them without the disadvantage of being too stiff and too scratchy!

About this collection, as stated by Adam Taubenfligel, owner and designer of Tirachy”:

“This season we continued our hunt for rigid looking denim that hides stretch and therefore provides comfort {note: what this means is that the selvedge jeans are constructed to appear rigid, but they do have 2% stretch}. With the men’s we nailed it with the stretch selvedge. On the women’s front, it was all about maintaining our best seller, the high-waisted skinny, in addition to a slightly lower rise in the same styles as well.

“I did a series of leather washes where I dyed leather hides to hit the colors and textures we were after, and then took those pieces of leather to the wash house to get them to match the color and patina of the leather, which they did remarkably well. Our favorite is the camel color – in the lookbook the image is a bit blown out but it really is an amazing deep caramel color that looks and feels like leather. After seeing how well these turned out I decided to do some men’s powder coated colors as well but these are more in the hues of dark brown, grey, and black.

“We finally dove into a flare, which we call a trouser – tested and re-tested until we found the fabric with the leg opening drape that was just right and my sister who is our fit model and an “I only wear skinnies” girl, has been living in the trouser ever since.

“We also introduced a new pocket. Wanting to keep our signature “T” but re-thought it in an even more subtle way, we fashioned the same “T’ that is on our Triarchy motorcycle gas-tanks into a small metal pocket fixture. The metal T is another favorite of mine because I feel like it keeps our branding intact while elevating the product.”

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