Benetton Kids - Yes, They Do Denim, Too! S/S 2013 BenettonKids-05.jpg

Benetton Kids for me is one of the best options for finding clothes for kids of any age. Did you know that at Benetton you can even find baby clothes for babies who were born a little earlier than they were supposed to? Their sizes range from 00 months up to 12 years, so they have it all covered. Besides denim, Benetton has every kind of garment you could possibly need for any kind of occasion in your kid’s life. Be it for baptizing or circumcising, be it for great grandma’s 80th birthday or for big sister’s wedding. Or, maybe you just need some cool jeans and shirts for school? Or summer camp?

While these pictures speak for themselves, one thing that I would definitely like to call attention to is that the jeans and shorts for kids between 12 months and 3 years all come with an inside elastic band with a button and button holes, so that you can adapt the waist band according to your kid’s body. This is really rad, as every baby has a different body shape and somehow I can’t imagine it being very comfy for a 2 year old toddler to wear a belt….

If you want to see more Benetton styles for kids, check them out on their website. I can’t wait until I have grandkids so I can hook them up with some cool Benetton Kids denim. OK. I can wait a little. 😮

Benetton Kids - Yes, They Do Denim, Too! S/S 2013 BenettonKids-01.jpg
Benetton Kids - Yes, They Do Denim, Too! S/S 2013 BenettonKids-02.jpg