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Dzojchen (pronounced Doh-jen), is an amazing creation of a former model turned designer, Chelsea Scott. Founded in 2009, based in both Singapore and New York, this brand is all about INDIVIDUALITY.

“Dzojchen is about paradox and duality, unexpected balance from contradiction, the power of opposing energies and forms within us, co-existing in harmony to realize our full potential. The Dzojchen customer is someone who understands the concept of Dzojchen’s Individuality, finds value in its philosophy, and appreciates its relaxed exclusivity, detailed simplicity and contemporary classic style.”

Translating: what you see here are not just plain blue jeans or oh-so-overdone motorcycle leather jeans and jackets, What you see is individuality, detailing, unexpected zippers and unusual styling of the jackets and jeans, unlikely seams and cuts at the legs or at the hips…just so diametrically opposite to what you are accustomed to seeing in today’s marketplace. I am awed by Chelsea’s creativity and by the abundance of beautiful denim and leather she is showing in her lookbook,

“Sourcing woven Selvage fabric from Japan, hand-selected leather pelts from the tanneries of Spain, Thread from the UK, Denim from Specialist Mills of India and the USA, Dzojchen left no corner of the globe untapped to create a perfect blend of form and function.

“We use a range of denim in our production, mostly specialty denim from
Japan, including custom selvage. We still have the only denim factory in Singapore producing our classic cuts, and the rest is produced in Japan and Honk Kong.”

Dzojchen will be available this coming fall in LA in stores like Ron Herman and at the Church boutique among others, and hopefully very soon here in NYC as well. The price range is $150 to $250 for the denim.

Our product reviewer from LA, Elena, will be doing a review of a pair of jeans – so check back here at to learn more about the fit and feel of these jeans.

And Chelsea has kindly offered to send me some pieces and I will definitely keep you in the loop about what I think and feel about these insanely great jeans and leather creations!

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